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Advanced IHE XDS - Prerequisites

The Advanced XDS training courses has the following prerequisites in terms of knowledge that the attendees should ideally have prior to the training course, as well as in terms of hardware/software requirements.


Note that the above prerequisite knowledge will NOT be covered during the training course; should you choose to attend without having the proper knowledge you do so at your own risk.


  • Please bring your own laptop (some tools are Windows (only) based). You can work as a team (max 3 persons to a laptop) if you wish to do so.
  • Please be prepared to reconfigure your firewall to allow for data to be exchanged between testing tools.


Please install the following tools on your own laptop prior to the actual training course. The tools are all java based and will run both on unix or windows based OS.
  1. SoapUI, see introductory (XDS specific) video (10 minutes).
  2. Tomcat versions 5.5.*. On ALL platforms, please use an install directory that does NOT have a space in its name, e.g. NOT (on Windows) in "/Program Files"
  3. Optional: if you have a Dicom Viewer like Osirix installed on your machine you will be able to query the PACS server available on the virtual machine.


About Ringholm bv

Ringholm bv is a group of European experts in the field of messaging standards and systems integration in healthcare IT. We provide the industry's most advanced training courses and consulting on healthcare information exchange standards.
See http://www.ringholm.com or call +31 33 7 630 636 for additional information.